Mass Insanity

Last week, Fox News aired a segment on the sex scenes in BioWare’s game Mass Effect seen above. In the segment Fox has two “experts” discuss the sex scenes in Mass Effect. One is Geoff Knighley, host of Spike TV’s GameTrailers TV. The other is Cooper Lawrence, author of the book The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace With Your Inner Overachiever. In the segment, Cooper Lawrence grossly exaggerates the nude scene in Mass Effect and even suggests that a game which was clearly rated M was actually marketed to young teenage boys. Geoff Knighley then asks Ms. Lawrence if she has ever played Mass Effect to which Cooper laughs and says bluntly, “No.”

It was disgusting. To criticize any work of art without ever seeing it is unprofessional. Yet here it was, right on national television.

Naturally, many gamers were disgusted by this act and responded by posting negative reviews of her book on Many of these reviews mentioned that they had never read the book.

Some would say it is a taste of her own medicine, but isn’t this just stooping to her level? When we go down to their level, no one has the higher ground. As a community surely we gamers are better than this. Give them your opinion directly. Write The Live Desk w/ Martha MacCallum and write Cooper Lawrence about their unprofessionalism.

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